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Embark on a captivating journey of discovery with Chronicle, the app that combines adventure, storytelling, and exploration to reveal the intriguing stories that lie hidden in the world around us.

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History's Mysteries

Delve into the unknown & unravel the captivating secrets of the past.

From Prehistory to

True Crime

Discover a diverse range of narratives, spanning ancient times to modern mysteries.

A World of Stories

in Your Pocket

Experience the rich tapestry of human history through immersive storytelling, anytime, anywhere.

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Amazing Stories

Contribute to the story-hunting community by adding your personal discoveries & experiences.

How it Works

Explore the Map

Open the app and access the interactive map, displaying story locations in your area and beyond. Browse through the available stories or search by categories such as true crime, historical events, or natural wonders.

Start Your Adventure

Choose a story that intrigues you and follow the in-app directions to navigate to the location. As you explore, uncover the rich narrative and history behind the place, event, or individual.

Collect & Track Your Discoveries

Keep track of the stories you've explored, collecting and organizing them in your personal story library within the app.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery โ€” Absolutely Free!

Choose Your Journey

Which Categories Will Your Explore?

Stand where heroes stood, and uncover the strategies and sacrifices that have shaped nations.

Trace the shadows of mysteries and crimes that have left a mark on history and humanity.

Dig into the ancient past, uncovering the stories of life that roamed the earth millions of years ago.

Explore the sites of scientific breakthroughs that have expanded the boundaries of our world.

Witness the places that have endured the raw power of nature and tell the stories of resilience and recovery.

Delve into the myths and legends that give a place its soul and color its identity.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery โ€” Absolutely Free!